West End Islamic Center Fundraiser 2021

Help Complete the Next Phase of Construction this Ramadan!

Monthly Update

May, 2021 milestones

Updates From Last Year

All Steel Columns Installed and deliverables completed (Final inspection by county on stell stucture.)

Concrete poured on first floor (inspection passed by independent Inspectors)

Steel structure for dome in progress
(estimated completed end of

Metal flooring for roof, first floor,mezzanine and basement Completed (inspection passed by county on metal flooring

Final steel column enclosure work in basement with concrete Blocks in progress (estimated completion early may)

Welding completed on metal flooring (final inspection passed)

Your help is urgently needed to complete
the next phase of construction.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said “Whoever builds a Masjid for Allah, Allah will build him/her a house in Paradise.” Bring Paradise closer by being part of this project!

Targect-Phase IIA- Exterior Building

Materials Cost
1 Stair $60,000
2 Windows & Doors $25,000
3 Brick Work $42,000
4 Ramps $20,000
5 Stucco $150,000
6 Roof & Dome $75,000
7 Fiber Board $13,000
Sub-total= $385,000

Targect-Phase IIB- Site Work

Materials Cost
1 Backfill $30,000
2 Stone Work $30,000
3 Remove Existing Parking $30,000
4 Stormwater Management $10,000
5 Remaining Water Sewer $10,000
6 Grading $10,000
7 Curb And Gutter $10,000
8 Asphalt TBD
9 Entrance $5,000
Subtotal= $135,000

Targect-Phase III- Interior Building

Materials Cost
1 Electrical Service Wiring $117,000
2 Electrical Fixtures $56,000
3 HVAC $100,000
4 Plumbing Rough-in $65,000
5 Plumbing Fixtures $20,000
6 Toilet Partitions $5,000
7 Flooring $10,000
8 Sheetrock Insulation $12,000
9 Fire Alarm $10,000
10 Elevator TBD
11 Sprinkler System $50,000
Subtotal = $445,000

Financial update:

Sl. Total Raised Balance
1 Construction account balance $76,000
2 Paypal construction account balance $15,000
3 Pending bills for questar builder $79,000 PAST DUE!!
4 Check issued for exterior boards $7758 ON 4/21

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently operate out of a small home converted into a facility capable of holding regular salah. Due to current parking space it is not possible to conduct Jummah or taraweeh here. This community is in need of your help in creation of the new masjid and community hall. Our parking lots are double and triple parked regularly for Fajr and Isha Salah. This community center and Masjid is ready to be completed!

West End Islamic Center (WEIC) is a non-for-profit 501(c) 3 registered organization. Tax-ID: 45-2507321 (Your donation may be tax-deductible)

For years we have relied upon rental spaces and our small facility. Our primary rental space has been sold and is due to shut down in the next year. We are now in the final phases of construction with many visible accomplishments. If we meet our fund raising goals, we are due to complete this project by next Ramadan insha’Allah. We need everyone to go above and beyond their means. Please Donate and Donate again!

5000 Shady Grove Rd,Glen Allen, VA 23059

Yes, there are many masjids in the Richmond area. However, they are all FULL! Our Masjid serves a diverse and inclusive community that live in the West end of Glen Allen. It is time we have a capable place of worship of our own.

The Masjid has traditionally been the center for a Muslim. The current political environment further necessitates that we have a place for the wellbeing of our community, for interfaith dialogues, as well as to provide help to those in need.

In progress

Construction Highlights

“Indeed, those men and women who give in charity and lend to Allah a good loan will have it multiplied for them, and they will have an honourable reward”. 57:18

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