| Ongoing items: Parking, HVAC, Elevator and Sprinkler systems | Donate for Ramadan readiness!
| Ongoing items: Parking, HVAC, Elevator and Sprinkler systems | Donate for Ramadan readiness!
3D rendering of the Masjid
Thank you!
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The West End Islamic Center (WEIC) would like to thank everyone for the numerous words of encouragement and the outpouring of support we have received, including financial support. We are very appreciative and feel truly blessed to be part of such an incredibly generous and kindhearted community.
It is very sad and unfortunate that this kind of hatred exists in our world. We must continue educating and building bridges to make the world a better and safer place for all people of all faiths.
We have received many inquiries asking how you can support us. One way to support us is with your financial contribution to help obtain security cameras and a security system. You can also contribute to help with the construction of the center.

Please donate online:
Security System/Camera
Center Constructions
GoFundMe page (started by a community member)

Once again, thank you for your words of encouragement and support.
Best regards from your neighbors,
West End Islamic Center (WEIC) weicrva.org | info@weicrva.org | West End Islamic Center | twitter.com/weicrva
West End Islamic Center Community Statement after Act of Vandalism
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The West End Islamic Center is a community-based center in Glen Allen, VA. We have worked with Henrico County officials and our neighbors for over ten years to assist in opening our doors just in time for our Holy month of Ramadan.
However, it is with great sadness that in just six months - West End Islamic Center has experienced two incidents of vandalism. The most recent occurring, Saturday, April 16 afternoon between 3:30pm and 4:30pm. We feel compelled to speak out against these expressions of hatred. An attack on any house of worship certainly feels like an assault on the community.
Unfortunately, we were not able to capture the incident and perpetrators on security cameras. We, nevertheless, feel that this incident merits local, state, and federal authorities to investigate these events as a hate crime.
Rights of all people of faith is a founding principle of America. This attack is incredibly hurtful. It’s hard to imagine that someone would want to attack our place of worship. We do not know or understand the motivation of the person(s). What we do know, is that love is stronger than hate, and the members of our Mosque will stand together. We trust that our neighbors and friends will continue to stand with us and support our community as we worship during this holy month of Ramadan.